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The majority of book buying services will usually offer you the lowest amount possible so they can increase their profit margin. If you’ve taken business classes you know that’s not really a bad thing… unless you created the company to help students. We here at remember what it’s like being a “paycheck to paycheck” student. Most of the people who come to this site could really use the extra book money to either buy next semesters books or simply pay a bill.

We know that, and respect that.

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Our Simple Process makes selling textbooks straightforward and simple! Enter the ISBN’s numbers for the textbooks you would like to sell. To enter multiple ISBN’s, simply press the return key after each ISBN. We’ll generate a great offer for your books. Continue through the easy checkout process by creating an account, choosing your payment option (PayPal or check) and entering your information. Pack your books securely (see suggestions below), print and enclose your packing slip, seal your box, attach the pre-paid shipping label and drop it off at your local Post Office. Please ship your book within 7 days of placing your order so that the price quote remains valid on your order. We’ll keep you updated once we receive your books (shipping typically takes 4-10 days) and again when we send you your payment. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal!
Books We Purchase
  • New & used textbooks that are U.S. student editions, in GOOD condition or better
  • Some writing & highlighting is ok
  • Normal cover wear is ok
  • Loose-leaf editions, binder editions and A La Carte editions are ok as long as all pages including front and back covers are included, no torn pages or tears in holes, and neatly packaged or bound (no loose pages in the shipping box)
Books We Don’t Purchase
  • International editions, Teacher editions, Annotated editions, custom editions, not for resale editions, review copies
  • Any signs of water damage, wavy pages, staining
  • Books with heavy cover wear or other significant damage
  • Excessive writing, highlighting or underlining
  • Workbooks or study guides with more than 10% of the answers filled in
  • Broken or damaged bindings
  • Torn/damaged/loose/missing pages
  • Smoke or other odors
  • Any signs of mold
  • Partial sets or incomplete sets (for example only volume 1 of a 2 volume set)
  • Counterfeit textbooks
  • Custom editions for a specific college or region
  • Rebound books
  • Make sure you own the book outright (no rentals)
  • Loose-leaf editions, binder editions and A La Carte editions are ok as long as all pages including front and back covers are included, no torn pages or tears in holes, and neatly packaged or in a binder (no loose pages in the shipping box)
  • Certain books have multiple ISBN numbers listed. Please make sure you are entering the correct ISBN number that corresponds to the specific edition that you are selling back. Please remove any stickers that are covering the ISBN number on your book
  • Please note: Check your textbooks for black tape on the covers. This is sometimes used to hide the fact that the book is actually an instructor’s edition.
Book Condition Guidelines
We love making our great offers on books and we base those offers on books that are in Good condition or better. Additionally, if a book came with an access code, supplement or CD/DVD, we expect to receive it with an unused/unexposed access code, supplement or CD/DVD to maintain the Good condition grading. If any supplemental materials (access codes, CDs, DVDs, exam sheets etc.) are missing, scratched off or used, we reserve the right to adjust the price. Occasionally we receive books that upon check-in and grading, fall short of our Buyback Guidelines and are considered to be in Fair condition (that’s ok!). When this happens, we try to be as fair and accommodating as possible but we reserve the right to adjust the price. Please understand that we can’t make the same offer on a book that’s in Good condition as one that is received with heavy wear, for example.

Should you send a book to us that is in Unacceptable condition and one that we simply cannot purchase (for example missing a cover, or an international edition), we will email you that we are cancelling your order. You can then choose to either pay a minimal return shipping charge and we will promptly return the book to you, or we can donate or recycle your book for you. If you choose to have your unaccepted book returned, you must contact us within 7 days, through email or phone, to provide payment for return shipping costs. (If you don’t reply to our email after 7 days, we will donate or recycle your book for you). We always try to avoid having to adjust an offer, we really do. But on those occasions that we need to, we offer great communication and do our best to keep you happy!

Next Day Payments
We pride ourselves on getting you paid fast! Once your books are received and checked-in, we process your payment within one business day! If you choose PayPal for your payment (preferred), you can expect your payment to show in your PayPal account approximately 1-2 days later. If you prefer to receive a paper check, you can expect to receive your check in the mail generally within five business days. Either way, we email you along the way with the status of your payment and we get you paid as fast as possible!
Packing & Shipping Recommendations
This is the area where we see the most problems occurring… poorly packed boxes resulting in missing and damaged books. To protect against damage in transit, please follow these simple steps when packaging your books:

  • NO ENVELOPES PLEASE! (that includes cushion mailers, bubble-lined envelopes, etc.) Envelopes frequently tear and break, your books will likely arrive damaged or possibly missing. Please choose a sturdy, properly-sized BOX that’s designed for shipping (please no cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.). If you’re shipping many books, please limit the weight of the box to under 50 pounds. If your sellback order is more than 50 pounds, please split your order into multiple orders. That way you’ll get a different pre-paid shipping label and tracking number for each box.
  • Place your books flat in the box and arrange them to reduce shifting during transit. Use sufficient packing materials such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper shopping bags (no styrofoam peanuts please). Use these packing materials to fill any empty space around your books. If you shake the box and you feel your books moving, please use more cushioning material around your books. Print out the packing slip and enclose it in your box. Seal your box closed with strong shipping tape and use more tape than expected (books are heavy!). Finally, affix the shipping label to the box securely with tape.
  • Important: Please ship your books within 7 days of placing your order so that the price quote remains valid on your order.

Please note that we are not responsible for damage or loss that your books incur during transit. You have the option to purchase insurance for your shipment from the Post Office. Please protect your precious textbooks by packing them well using the suggestions we mentioned above. 

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We understand that you probably overpaid for the books you have because a professor told you it was on the “mandatory” list. We also know that many of you have “recommended” books you bought and you’ve never even opened them.

Fun fact… here are our top paid books in 2018.

  • Finance Books – 30%
  • Medical Books – 22%
  • Engineering Books – 18%
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